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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Consumers, Recording, and Playback in the Television and Recording Industries (Panel #2)

Panel Columnist: Tim Anderson (Denison University)
Participants: Andy Langer (Austin Chronicle, music critic), Scott Romig (Dexter Freebish, music producer and musician), Kyle Barnett (Bellarmine University), Patrick Burkart (Texas A&M University), Sam O'Connell (Northwestern University), Kevin John Bozelka (University of Texas at Austin)
Moderator: Afsheen Nomai (University of Texas at Austin)

Question:This roundtable will discuss issues of recordings and playback for television and music. I see them as both similar and different. I am particularly interested in the issue of what it means to "own" and control programming. It seems rather common sense for viewers, but for academics we are still dominated by issues of narrative and the text. To me, this seems to be under-discussed and research since the technologies seem to offer both producers and consumers new sets of textual tactics that affect issues of meaning, economics, pedagogy, recontextualization, etc. All of these are issues that the music industry has had to deal with for over 50 years, however we, as media academics, do not know much about them. That said, I would hope that we would be willing to look at the music industry as a place where we could learn about issues of recontextualization, economics, programming, etc.


Blogger Loganpoppy said...

I said I would place my presentation on here as a PDF doc and here it is. If you wish to correspond with me about this or anything on my blog please write me at at timanderson3@mac.com and/or loganpoppy@gmail.com.

12:29 PM

Blogger goshdurnit said...

This is tangntially related to the discussion we had, so I thought I'd blog it here.

I am unable to watch movies I own. I love them, and I have the desire to watch them, but whenever I consider watching them, I think about the other media that I have access to for a limited time - my netflix movies, that webisode that's available commercial-free for a limited time only, my roommate's movies, etc. By offering us "free" (i.e. ad supported) media for a limited time only, content creators/distributors have lured me in. I had no intention of becoming a part of this "limited time only" mediascape, yet I simply can't pass up that deal. It creates anxiety, and my movie collection continues to collect dust, but I wonder what some of the more sinister implications of this are. Are my tastes becoming more narrow? Do I just look for disposable, quick-fix trash in favor of lasting classics?

At the very least, this seems to be their answer to time-shifting technologies like TiVo, a sort of compromise between original broadcasting scheduling and total scheduling immunity. You can watch a program any hour of the day, but you can only watch it during the month of October.

Anyone else have this experience?

1:19 PM

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