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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Public Sphere, Public Media in an Open Source Age (Panel #3)

Panel Columnist: Patricia Aufderheide (American University)
Participants: Martha Fuentes (University of Texas/Austin Freenet), Jelena Karanovic (New York University), Helen DeMichiel (National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture), Patricia Zimmerman (Ithaca College), Misha Kavka (University of Auckland), Leonardo Aristimuno (Rutgers University)
Moderator: Ana Boa-Ventura (University of Texas at Austin)

Question: What can public media be and mean for an open society's public in an open source age? I hope by this question to raise issues relating to: the fate of today's public broadcasting in an emergent digital environment; the possibilities for today's experimental zones in a commercializing era for the Internet; the relationship between a public sphere and the media that encourages it.


Anonymous anaventura said...

Great panel! Thank you all: panelists and audience.

There were some terms thrown around such as activit /activator, the fine distinctions between open source code and open platform... etc. etc. etc....

Just wondering if anyone is feeling like throwing some more terms in and attempt some definitions. Any takers for "activators" and your own interpretation of what it may mean given your particular experiences?

Ana Boa-Ventura

2:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

relationship poem

10:46 AM


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