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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Reality TV, Governmentality, and Citizenship (Panel #23)

Panel Columnists: Laurie Ouellette (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), James Hay (University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign)
Participants: Janet Davis (University of Texas at Austin), Paul Stekler (University of Texas at Austin), Gareth Palmer (Universit of Salford), Mark Andrejevic (University of Iowa), Jack Bratich (Rutgers University), Leigh Edwards (Florida State University)
Moderator: Caitlin Collins (University of Texas at Austin)

Question: How is TV being reinvented to make it useful within current programs of government--within the reinvention of government (broadly conceived)? This panel will discuss television's relationship to governing, conceptualized in the broadest Foucaultian sense of guiding and shaping conduct. We will situate reality TV within changing rationalities of liberal government, focusing on the way in which television has become integral to reforms such as privatization, "out-reach," and out-sourcing, as well as to advanced liberal strategies of acting upon private authorities, NGOs, "community," and personal regimens (technologies of the self). We'll consider television as an institution of social welfare and a cultural technology, looking at how it facilitates the care of the self through a variety of means, from corporate partnerships with charitable institutions to popular lifestyle tutorials. Finally, we'll discuss TV's relationship to the reinvention of government, the ownership society, homeland security and the work of agencies like the Point of Light Foundation and the USA Freedom Corps.


Blogger Julia Lesage said...

One of the panelists said that "governmentality" had replaced "hegemony" in critical discourse in cultural and media studies. Can someone explain this a little more to me and point to some more reading on this shift. Is it mainly a shift from Gramsci to Foucault as a point of reference? Julia Lesage

4:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Let's sit and have an intellectual masturbation contest over the motivation of television executives in society today. If a group of pseudo intellectuals writes on- line about a topic they can't effect, does it matter any more than a tree falling in an empty forest? It all comes down to cash. Try not to overthink it.

12:44 PM


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